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Our team competes in the Central Kentucky Swim Conference (CKSC). Meet schedule can be located here:

Meets are scheduled on Wednesdays with the summer swimming season lasting eight weeks. The last scheduled meet is the Central Kentucky Swim Conference (CKSC) during the second week of July. Please remember that kids have to swim and/or dive in two meets to be eligible to compete in the CKSC.

Meet Times

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early!

2:00 pm Home team diving warm-ups
2:30 pm Away team diving warm-ups
3:00 pm Diving Meet
4:30 pm Home team swimming warm-ups
5:00 pm Away team swimming warm-ups
5:30 pm Swim Meet

Please note: Parents and older swimmers are responsible for early sign-outs when swimmers are not going to attend a particular meet or CKSC. Sign-out sheets are located on the patio bulletin board.

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